Humanode network

The Humanode network is a protocol that can prove one's unique identity through private biometric authentication schemes and grant permission to launch a node and verify transactions running a public permissionless network based on collective human existence.

The core stack of technologies enabling human node technology include:

Cryptobiometric blockchain protocol


  • Single node per person invariant (bio-authentication consensus)

  • EVM compatibility

Cryptobiometric neural networks

  • Zero-Knowledge proven active and passive liveness detection

  • ZK-proven encrypted face feature extraction

  • Distributed encrypted feature search and matching

Distributed economy

  • Cost-based network fees

  • Fath as the monetary policy and algorithm targeting real value growth and proportional emission.

Humanode/Vortex DAO

  • Proposal pool system

  • On-chain voting “Vortex”

  • Formation

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